2020: Details. Online Dissemination Pervasive Media Studio/Watershed Bristol https://www.watershed.co.uk/studio/.

2020: Details. Online/Exhibition and Dissemination: Control Shift Festival/Bristol https://www.control-shift.network/. 

2020: Details. Exhibition: Dellasposa Gallery (Bathhurst Street. London) https://www.dellasposa.com/exhibitions/27-tales-from-the-colony-rooms-art-and-bohemia/overview/. 

2019. Details. Exhibition and Presentation: Dutch Design week TAC (talk at G18) Publisher Site 2019-2020: Details. Dutch Design Week.

2017: Details. Exhibition/Conference ‘Design/Art Uncertain’ Balance Unbalance 2017 Paper 8-/-0/20178-/-0/2017balance unbalance.

2016: Details. Exhibition and presentation. London Craft Week. https://www.thedevondaily.co.uk/news/local-news/students-work-celebrated-artists-and-craftspeople-2016-london-craft-week.

2015: Details: Exhibition Design Latitudes (Alberta/Canada) Four Objects/ http://www.designlatitudes.ca/.

2015: Details: Exhibition 4AXIS CNC Stools for the Cookworthies. Milan Salon Furniture Fair 15/05/20154 Publisher Site.

2015: Details. Exhibition and Conference, https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/news/answers-in-an-envelope ISBN-10 :184102385X -ISBN-13: 978-1841023854: Curated and designed by PQD : Supported by the Smithsonian and Nowness foundation.

2014: Details: Exhibition, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven Holland 14/10/20148 Publisher Site: Exhibition at TAC (Four prototype objects).

SPECULAR : KARST Gallery Jo Bannon* / Samuel Cook / Peter Quinn Davis / Sarah King / Charlotte Knox –Williams / Hester Reeve / Gabrielle Llewellin / Peter Matthews / Barbara Nicholls / Minou Norouzi / Monica Valcarcel Saez / Wiebke Maria Wachmann Curated by: Karen Roulstone & Andy Klunder Specular brings together the recent […]

2011-12: ‘Cabinet’ Exhibition and Conference curated and organized by PQD. ‘Cabinet Changing Perceptions’ 13 International Artists, Designers and Architects. 2011: ISBN 978-1-84102-281-9. Peninsula Arts Plymouth UK.