ART/EARTH – High Water 30th March: Great to be invited to present some new prototype work with this global community This work continues the scanning of coastline and estuary to monitor tide/weather/climate erosion, using unique framerate techniques. Tides are the constant ebb and flow of the planet, the stuff of myth and legend, artwork, […]

DATA showcase 26th March: Really happy to participate in this great day of things DATA in the launching of a new research platform with fellows Natasha, Annie and Alex: We will update this to explore the material aspects of data with a library of inspiring and conversational stuff around data. You can watch […]

DATA showcase 26 March 2021

‘Twisted Continents’ additional works underway for a major show in 2021: The significance of the research has implications across a range of disciplines and adds to the debate on ‘the material turn’ The work draws from new work in material ontologies from Harmon and Morton. The use of scanning processes, directly connected to both visualization […]

May 2020: Working with Artec work is progressing with the landscape series, these scans developed with use of the large RAY and smaller Leo have generated some interesting outcomes ready for use with game engines. This work is about our connection to the earth and ecologies of thinking, while forensically recording the data that they […]

May 2020:  The Lockdown Trails, we have been working with Lutum on several clay fabrications of original lidar scans, it been quite strange doing things differently but Lutum with a range of brilliant printers have been wonderful to work with, these objects are part of an exhibition later in the year (all being well)

Group show of work by Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, R. B. Kitaj, Frank Auerbach, Michael Clark, Sir Peter Blake, Eduardo Paolozzi, Patrick Caulfield, Daniel Chadwick, Langlands and Bell, Damien Hirst, Sarah Lucas, Pete Quinn Davis, Gary Hume and Tracy Emin: Celebrating the art of London 70/80/90’s The exhibition will be accompanied by the official release […]

A multi million pound research initiative focusing on AI, Automation and Data, for professionals, business, creatives and academics.

Happy to have given a talk and exhibited over two venues during Dutch Design Week always a great pleasure.

This exhibition works on this year themes at DDW2019. Almost everything in the world has been or is being designed. This offers opportunities, but with this come enormous responsibilities; for designers, but also for policy makers, clients, users and governments. The world belongs to us all. Director Martijn Paulen explains about the role of designers: […]

Dutch Design Week 10 July 2019

Installation Film. Three screen projection, data visualizations, this exhibition had several significant strands, namely, museums and the public perception of objects, their meaning and constructs, the digital scanning of data, manufacture and fractural fabrication.

Rotation One 24 June 2018

Exhibition of digital print works (rolled aluminum laser printing from 3D scanning)

Apparition 2018 24 June 2018

Featuring renowned piano-makers Steinway & Sons, with presentations from pioneering music researchers from University of Plymouth and performances from Hot Chip.

Now in its sixth year, the festival will run from 23-27 October 2018 at numerous locations across Bath. But Bath Digital Festival isn’t just for computer geeks! Last year over 2000 individuals, ranging in age from pre-school to pensioners, took part in more than 80 events across 26 venues. With a focus on making the […]

Statement: Our increasingly mediated relationship with the environment brings new insights to the invisible forces that affect complex ecologies, consequently our environment is becoming more abstract, simulated and remote. Balance-UnBalance 2017 This work is a result of some research into four objects at Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery. They were made in the 1700’s […]

Arc Karst: Specular, International group exhibition, KARST, Plymouth (curator Karen Roulstone and Andy Klunder)

ARC Karst 2016 24 June 2016

Milan Design Week 2015: Forge FIX: This work provokes debate and engages with an exchange of ideas about the universal impact of design in contemporary culture, it explores design’s potential as a transformative global tool. The work innovates in several areas within the post digital field, it involves robotic fabrication at unique scales. The research […]

An exhibition keying in how we look at art and design, focusing on the temporality of media and exploring digital products.

Design Latitudes is an exhibition mapping the innovations, influences and future directions of design studies in the north. The exhibition ran from May 12 to June 6, 2015 at the Fine Arts Building Gallery on the University of Alberta, Canada.

This exhibition originated in several places over the globe, through conversations with designers, from a variety of backgrounds, from China to Holland, from London to Paris, from the West Country of the UK to the wild slopes of Hardangervidda in Norway. Those conversations centred on the ability designers have to develop products, graphics, spaces, places […]

This exhibition was devised in late 2010 as a way of bringing together a group of interested individuals who work in the School of Architecture and Design in University of Plymouth UK, it was not selected, but themed and it has gradually evolved to represent individuals responses, in creative terms, to the collections and archives […]