The work has been undertaken over the last four years and responds to an interest in the cultural meanings of objects, by addressing the moral complexity of certain designed objects and systems.

Much of the work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and includes joint exhibitions throughout the UK and abroad.

Quinn Davis’s installation work allows the viewer to enter and move around the configured space and/or interact with some of its elements, it offers the viewer a very different experience and may engage the viewer’s senses including touch, sound and smell, as well as vision.

This work uses traditional and non-traditional ‘craft’ materials, techniques and tools, shifting identities in the context of art and design. They are reflections on new technologies and materials, the object becomes a prism through which to re-read contemporary culture and better understand its past.

This work begins very early on in the practice as a way of being distinct from normal modes of thinking and making, while focusing on personal narrative, there are also associations of political action as well as a shift away from the self-enclosed artwork or medium to open-ended actions, processes and durational projects.

This work began an interest in craft and develops ideas around hybrid practices that blur traditional boundaries between art, architecture, graphics, craft and product design.

This series of works explores ways in which the ideas of the archive have become central in visual culture’s investigations of history, memory, testimony and identity. In our transformed, theoretical and critical notions of our own personal archives, as both ideas and as physical presence.

The presence of the transmitted image has been essential to delivering ideas quickly in different situations the work typically appears in two basic varieties, single-channel and installation. In single-channel works, a video is screened, projected or shown as a single series of images. Installations typically comprise either of an environment made up of several distinct […]

2020: Details. Exhibition: Dellasposa Gallery (Bathhurst Street. London) 

2020: Details. Online/Exhibition and Dissemination: Control Shift Festival/Bristol 

2019. Details. Exhibition and Presentation: Dutch Design week TAC (talk at G18) Publisher Site 2019-2020: Details. Dutch Design Week.

2017: Details. Exhibition/Conference ‘Design/Art Uncertain’ Balance Unbalance 2017 Paper 8-/-0/20178-/-0/2017balance unbalance.

2011-12: ‘Cabinet’ Exhibition and Conference curated and organized by PQD. ‘Cabinet Changing Perceptions’ 13 International Artists, Designers and Architects. 2011: ISBN 978-1-84102-281-9. Peninsula Arts Plymouth UK.

2016: Details. Exhibition and presentation. London Craft Week.

2015: Details: Exhibition Design Latitudes (Alberta/Canada) Four Objects/

2015: Details: Exhibition 4AXIS CNC Stools for the Cookworthies. Milan Salon Furniture Fair 15/05/20154 Publisher Site.

2015: Details. Exhibition and Conference, ISBN-10 :184102385X -ISBN-13: 978-1841023854: Curated and designed by PQD : Supported by the Smithsonian and Nowness foundation.

2014: Details: Exhibition, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven Holland 14/10/20148 Publisher Site: Exhibition at TAC (Four prototype objects).

SPECULAR : KARST Gallery Jo Bannon* / Samuel Cook / Peter Quinn Davis / Sarah King / Charlotte Knox –Williams / Hester Reeve / Gabrielle Llewellin / Peter Matthews / Barbara Nicholls / Minou Norouzi / Monica Valcarcel Saez / Wiebke Maria Wachmann Curated by: Karen Roulstone & Andy Klunder Specular brings together the recent […]

2020: Details. Online Dissemination Pervasive Media Studio/Watershed Bristol